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How To Publish On The WEB

There are many possibilities, many options open to you if you seek to publish to the World Wide Web, from very expensive ‘full stack’ development agencies who code each and every element for you, hiring large teams of technical specialists, right through to ‘do it yourself’ choices.

WebStruct is my project, I provide a unique range of services for people who want to publish their project, promote this to a specific audience and build their position.

I can help you with every requirement to get your project out there:Web Hosting, putting pages and sites together, writing content, presenting graphics, building audio productions (podcasts), Videos … in fact every type of content.

Once your project is completed, the hard work begins, it is great to complete a web project but then there is the important matter of ensuring it is visible, and meaningful to the right people!

If you have been searching for a technical specialist who can also apply creative skills, someone who will truly help you to successfully publish your concepts and ideas, who will understand your objectives and be able to translate these into a form the WWW recognises, which reaches people, then let me know. I help many different types of people to overcome the obstacles to publishing to the World Wide Web. 

Mike Gorman is my name, I operate WebStruct ‘Digital Media for a Noisy World’, which means I build digital media that cuts through the noise, it is effective, optimised and hosted on high speed servers. If you are looking for web help, and skills which are distinctive, different and non exploitative, let’s talk.