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What do you need to begin with being published online?

1. You need a Domain Name – don’t settle for 3rd party blogging, and just being a community member on someone’s corporate platform, have your own distinctive identity, independent. This is what separates the true web publishers from the masses of consumers, mark yourself out as being someone of note.

2. You need a Logo, a brand identity which people can relate to, don’t go for a clinical corporate image, choose something that matches your views, your vision. I can help you with Logos and setting up your brand identity.

3. You need a Hosting account: this is important, too many people try for cheap resources, this is not going to help you. Hosting is the ‘Cloud’ server which houses your Web application, and all your content, enabling this to be visible on the WWW you need good performance.

4. You need to set up Social Media accounts, and link these to your Web-Site, this becomes your HQ, your independent place on today’s World Wide Web. You can grow an audience, it takes time but so does anything worthwhile.

5. You need to produce your own style of content, don’t allow people to tell you go with bland, corporate vanilla approaches, people respond to genuine, real people; if you have expertise this is where you demonstrate it, build a rapport with your audience. You can also produce Videos, Podcasts, articles, cartoons, all kinds of creative media.

6. You need to be aware of SEO, what used to be called ‘Syndication’ and distribution, the Web is a big place and if you are going to carve out your own position you need to make some noise, to optimise your content so that the specific kinds of people who are interested in your ‘thing’ get to see it. So many people make an error here, they seem to think it is all about A.I and Algorithms, it isn’t it is about PEOPLE.

Lastly, you need to keep working this, you can’t just set&forget this, being a participant on the WWW requires work, and consistent output, build a BLOG onto your App, and give people some juicy content to inspire and entertain them – nobody likes dull boring content.


You can catch up with me on the esteemed Q&A social platform of Quora, I am a regular writer on this platform and I enjoy mixing with all the experts and seasoned human beings on there, the Web is a huge space, so it is nice to talk with friendly people and swap stories.

Web Publishing For The Creative Content Producer

The World Wide Web is today’s primary communication platform; it has become the ‘Mass Media’ of our 21st Century.

I tend to work with those people who are searching for the non-generic, the distinctive creative person who is looking for help to translate what they do into a form the Web community can recognise, and respond with.

So-called ‘SEO’ services are really glorified mass content producers, the type of content they offer is all too often standard, and highly generic; I on the other hand work with original content, I focus on those aspects of your work that mark you out, that define your differences, that is the whole point.

For writers, journalists, subject specialists it can be difficult locating technical, and publishing support which specifically addresses their needs.

WebStruct is dedicated to helping writers and those people who prefer a personalised and sympathetic web service that understands their specific problems, building a web publishing presence is a long-term project, but it has to be executed in a highly specific way if you are to make yourself known and visible to your audience.

If you are searching for a web services provider which specialises in helping Writers, Journalists, Academics and serious communicators, you have arrived at the right place. The best way to discover if we can work together is to make contact, we can discuss your unique situation and I can determine if you are a good match for what I do. Not everyone will recognise the benefit of working with their own web specialist, perhaps you are the kind of creative who does?

Web Media Analysis

While I do offer Web publishing technical services, this is also my personal web project where I offer analysis, commentary, insight and discussion regarding the work of web writing, media and how this is developing and affecting our society. You can contact me from this site if you have any inquiries.

Cyber Attack!

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