Crass Commercialism Bores Me Silly

Internet Marketing Sucks

The posturing of narcissistic money obsessed nincompoops who show off their wealth like spoiled bratty children, the greed, the superficial goals, not for me!


I remember it very well, it was about 2007 and I was discovering the various online communities, not least The Warrior Forum, ClickBank, and of course all the independent smart alecs who had discovered the enormous benefits of building email lists, and flogging hope to the desperate hordes of wage slaves, all invested in the ‘make money online’ dream!

There were the eCommerce bunch also, and the sell on eBay/Amazon gurus.

Then of course the blogging experts, who always presented their affiliate links and the clever software chops to those of us who signed up on their blogs.

It seems the community has not really changed too much, despite the passage of time, there are always new crops of hopeful newbies to stock the email list platforms of the unscrupulous operators who soft sell their wares, presenting photos of their home based offices, and affable selves, connecting with their audiences and not caring one iota about the folks who invest in their programmes, caveat emptor is always the excuse, let the buyer beware, it is up to you.

“I hate the internet marketing scams and some of the psychopaths who rip off people, but I love what the WWW can offer us as independent operators, this is a paradox I have to live with!”

The reality is that we can indeed forge our own path, and build income streams, but it requires a lot of work and investment in resources. Most of the newbies just don’t have a clue what is involved, they sign up to a guru’s blog, or platform and are seduced by the personality and easy casual style of that personality; not understanding what has been involved in reaching that level.

If you are expecting to obtain results by investing in a $7.00 eBook, and a Wix blog, forget it!

While I am turned off by the crass commercial attitude of much of the online communities, I am passionately interested with the web, and digital culture; I am involved with publication, and the distribution of ideas, the potential for genuine involvement by creative and authentic people.

Don't be imprisoned by a Guru!

This word ‘authentic’ is bandied around a great deal these days. I think there is another word which is more accurate concerning much of the Internet Marketing community and that would be: Disingenuous.

It is all too common, this creation of a ‘likable personality’ for the express purpose of seducing people to your overpriced, exclusive little packages.

I have no argument with independent and distinctive community builders, those who set out to help, and nurture their people; I just don’t like many of them and how they operate.

The real story is that you need to learn a great deal, you need to hone and refine your skills, you need to become a ‘Media Specialist’; the shortcuts being offered may seem appealing and exciting, they are designed to make gurus wealthy, they couldn’t care less about you and you need to understand this.

This might sound very negative, but I write this to help you, not hinder you.

It is very true that there are a lot of narcissistic personalities involved with the ‘make money online’ niche community, these are people who spot the opportunity of being teachers, guides, authorities in their field, some of them are 100% real in their intentions, many are not.

The cleverness and ruthlessness of some have the cunning of the insane.

You are in the position of having to discern who you are dealing with, and I do not envy your choices; the industry, niche, field or whatever you want to call it, is rotten with corruption and deceptive practices.

I speak as an insider, because I have been watching and studying these people for a long time, I have been involved with many communities, and I have invested lots of time/money myself to arrive at my current assessment.

The tragedy of trying to help people is compounded by their own lack of experience, it is difficult to reach people when they are in that excitable phase and the possibilities seem opened before them.

That friendly, affable character who is delivering his/her videos is intent on only one thing, no matter how convincing and ‘natural’ their kitchen setting appears!

Behind that mask of empathy, there is a large team of people who produce the guru’s content, videographers, editors, writers, marketing experts, customer relationship slippery psycho types; they know precisely what you are experiencing, they have done this many times.

The launch you sign up for carefully grooms the audience, weeding out the more seasoned players, removing awkward questions and the more astute comments; these guys want the fresh meat, the completely inexperienced who will be impressed and emotionally moved by the story of how the guru used be a ‘stay at home dad/mom’ but they overcame hardship and the bad times through their own tenacity and resolve!

You too can become another one of their success stories, and you are warmly reminded of this at each stage of their launch.

The guru might have an adorable pet, or small child to assist them in their emotional invasion of your heart; females in particular are vulnerable to this and they reach for their credit card willingly, ‘take my money’, they whisper to the guru.

So, what do you get for your 10,000 dollars, or whatever the ‘high ticket’ price tag is?

You get to feel part of an exclusive club.

You will be presented with training, because, well you need to know the basics; there is no moving forward without these basics.

But it is the community angle which will be most seductive.

All of the information, training these internet marketing gurus offer you is widely accessible if you look for it, but few newbies understand this, or they don’t value anything they have not paid for, because they don’t have anything to compare it with.

When people tell you to ‘beware’, this is what they are trying to tell you; let the snobs and those who think they are getting high value information from an exclusive source carry on! I am talking to you, the smart, but inexperienced punter because I know you are there, I was just like you many years ago.

Don’t be yet another name on a guru email list, try to break out of the hypnotic spell, this person does not even know you exist beyond the fee you hand over each month.

There are real people and genuine helpful web tutors, these are usually not the ones delivering fancy webinars, and glamorous launches (even ones filmed in kitchens), we are mostly very modest in our approach. When you have been through a few gurus communities, you can always come back here, I will be waiting to provide 100% real resources and skills to help you.


Your Experiences

Have you had some bad experiences, been ripped off, or deceived by a 'make money online' or web guru? Let me know! I will publish your story as a helpful service to others. Just hit the 'contact' page 🙂